Monday, 9 January 2012

A New Year and New Beginnings

I was tempted to title this first post "Food Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" (or Blog Wars), but I reckoned that film references in the titles of both the blog and its first post would be a bit too cheesy. Not that I'm under any illusions - I imagine that quite a few blog posts will reference films, TV shows and computer games - but it's probably best to ease those in slowly, rather than getting them in at every opportunity.

Anyway, hello. My name's Holly and I'm 25 years old. I'm a supermoderator over on student website The Student Room (TSR) and I have a slight obsession with baking. As such, this blog will have a lot of bready recipes in it and my clothes will have a lot of flour over them, but it's not entirely dedicated to loaves, rolls and the odd cake here and there. I've tended to be rather quiet about my eating habits, but I have a very limited diet and what little I do eat is both a bit 'kiddy' and very unhealthy. The latter obviously impacts my health, and the former makes social interaction rather difficult - people have to cook different things for me or they have to avoid restaurants because there's literally nothing on the menu that I'd eat. So uncharacteristically, after years of not making any because I knew I wouldn't see them through, I've decided that my new years resolution for 2012 would be to try and expand my stupidly limited palate because it is something that I find rather embarrassing and desperately want to change. I thought that perhaps keeping a foodie blog might help encourage me to keep trying new things because if I'm just making rolls for burgers/hot dogs, white bread and flatbreads, plus the usual junk I eat, there really wouldn't be a lot of variety in this blog and it'd be insanely dull. More is better unless it's more of the same old rubbish, and I know you don't want that.

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